Our Telecom Engineering Services

Telecom Projects: Greenfield Towers, Overhead Systems, Underground Systems, Roof-Mounted Structures, and Lighting Poles


Greenfield Towers

  • Soil Testing & Foundation Design
  • Engineering Design For New Guy, Self-Support, Monopole, and Tripole Towers
  • Engineering Assessment For Equipment Addition & Upgrade
  • Engineering Analysis For Existing Tower Modifications & Strengthening/Reinforcement
  • Tower Inspections & Audits

Pole Line Designs

  • Utility and Street Light Poles
  • Field Survey
  • Stamped Permit Drawings and Make Ready Layouts
  • Design Using SpidaCalc and QuickPole
  • Drafting Engineering Drawings

Underground Systems

  • Design Underground Telecom Manholes, Handholes, Grade Level Boxes & Footing
  • Design Trenchless Methods Including Horizontal Directional Drilling & Jack And Bore
  • Design Concrete Encasement For Duct Structures With Special Design For Critical Crossings
  • Inspection of Existing Underground Structures

Rooftop Telecom Structures

  • Preliminary and Final Stamped Drawings
  • Design For Gravity, Penetrating, Goose-Neck, and Wall Mounts
  • Single Line Diagram For Power Upgrade
  • As-Built Drawings and Conformance Letters
  • Post-Construction Inspection Report
Engineering Drawing